Clive Donovan



What’s Going On?

What is this inside me?
Who parcels up my heart
In scoops and chunks
And strains it through my mouth,
Lofty as love speech?

What keeps that organ going
– Ticking, beating, kicking…Enough!
It is drowning in its own red sweat.
Who is in charge down there,
What’s going on?

You can’t keep passing out
Morsels of my heart, it is not
An endless banquet dish like the rump
Of some vast mammoth.
Teaspoons of it only, please,

From now on and let us
Pad it out for the customers;
Thicken it with spice of truth,
Grain of caution,
Sob of salt…





Clive Donovan devotes himself full time to poetry and lives in the creative atmosphere of Totnes in Devon. He has had many poems published in a variety of poetry magazines including Agenda, Acumen, Salzburg Review, Ink Sweat and Tears. He has yet to publish a first collection.

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