Mark Carson


The Fear of Flooding

Up the valley there are dams to hold back heavy poisons
rusty slurry tanks sequestering cattle shit
and stinking ponds for retting flax
and if we had diamonds there would be dangerous spoil heaps
and if the gold had not run out there would be pools
of mercuric compounds.  The dams are are fragile
all will perforate and undermine and wash away
in torrents.  All that bad stuff will come down behind us
while we look the other way, we’d like to look
the other way, but angry groups are shouting at us
look at the shit look at the shit shout the shit-shouters
and we will have to listen once again to their just complaints
and it’s true the shit is really shitty and the awfulness of it all
and it’s all the badness of the past will overwhelm us
and stifle carefreeness and happiness.  Do I hear a call for judas
judacilious judelicious review a judicialous review into the pernicious
aspects of excessive judicilicial review?  Do I?


Mark Carson is an offshore engineer, ran aground in South Lakeland thirty years ago.   His first pamphlet, Hove-to is a State of Mind, was published in 2015, see

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