Tola Ositelu is feeling confident


It runs ahead of me, makes an announcement
And gives a full description
Of who I will be
In the years to come
And I’m still trying to catch
My breath

I wish I could keep up
With my confidence
Fall into step and run alongside
Instead it delights in
Sprinting ahead and jeering
When confronted
‘I’ve been here before you were even born’.

But should I be ungrateful
To such an optimistic friend?

After all, it vouches for me
But in a way that leaves me afraid
That I won’t grow into the hype
Come the day

It disgruntles folk
And they misunderstand
‘Who does she think she is?’
I don’t think anything
It’s just who I am.

Confidence, mmmm
Maybe I should just leave you be
Fight my corner
Make the introduction
Remind the whole world and me
Of how secure I am

* Tola
Ositelu was born in South-East London, 1981 to Nigerian and Ghanaian
parents. She studied law at university and is currently a trainee
solicitor within a local government organisation in North London.  Away
from the day job she can be found organising, hosting and singing at
live music events, seeing as much of the world as her annual leave will
allow her, trying to make her mark in the world of music and literary
freelance journalism, watching plays and attending various musical and
literary events across London.

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