Jennie Owen




On the tracks

Paused amongst the debris scabs
and concertinaed pigeons,
over Herculean arches, grisly secrets lurk
in muck and smutty shadows.  Old stolen bicycles, rats,
and plastic bags floating like ghosts in the engine hiss.

Reptilian fingers grasp masonry,
green and scaled, vegetating against the odds.
Above in the promise of blue, circles one for sorrow,
seven for gold, eight for…grim trapped mornings
black beaked and round eyed.

The metal box shudders into life, delivering us
to the wipe clean city centre platform.
Thick communal air releases a gasp.  A pile
of spat out sunflower seeds crunches under our feet.




Jennie Owen is a teacher of creative writing and has been widely published in anthologies and magazines.  She is proudly dyslexic and lives with her husband and their three children in Lancashire.

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