Adam Magee



The Fauna

Watch him bide behind anorexic tree
fingers. His liquid-wood skin, oxidised syrup
in the trident of sunlight
dangling from angler still branches.

He trots past the patches of his fauna veil,
blue and alazarin bird berries jiggle over his goat’s tail.

Bends a fur-knarled knee into the stone
pierced river bank: ledger filled with froglets.
Genuflecting the sun the water’s stubborn
need to be clear yet secretive; it is a language
they both speak.

Dead-fish eyes, dark as a badger sett
stare with a monarch’s wisdom
at me: never blinking as he glugs
rushing water, fast as the beat
of a humming bird’s wings.




Adam Magee is Swansea born poet and a student at the University of Gloucestershire studying his BA, and applying for his MA. He is also a events and communications officer at the Cheltenham Poetry Festival, who set his mentorship with Angela France. He helps run poetry events such as Buzz words and Well Versed in his spare time.


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