Matthew Friday is thinking about snow

We've had the first snowfalls of the winter in England today, so here is an appropriate poem by Matthew Friday…

Snow for Abbie
Abbie fizzed with excitement when
I told her there could be snow this
weekend, her beautiful face folding up
into the precious smiles of childhood.
I awoke on Sunday and saw snow
coming down in a flow, a slow water-
fall of thick flakes that then whirled
around like blinded birds. Everywhere
was white and the clouds grey and stiff.
I thought of Abbie jumping out of bed,
remembering what I said, giddy all day
long. I saw the snow hanging in the trees;
felt the stillness of the aftersnow, the
hanging moment of childhood.
By the end of the afternoon the snow
had melted and gone, leaving white stains
and patches of beauty and the thought:
childhood passes just as quickly.

* Matthew Friday has had poems and short stories widely published in magazines and literary journals. For examples of his work visit

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