John D Robinson




Taking the Piss

‘I hear you’re a tough guy’
Eddie said as we stood at
the urinals;
‘That’s bullshit’
I said grinning
‘I’m the toughest’
Eddie finished and zipped-
up and waited for me,
I finished,
walked over to the basin
washed my hands
looking at Eddie in the
he stood still
watching me,
I turned around to face
‘You going to wash your
hands Eddie?’
I asked
‘Fuck no’
Eddie said
‘Then don’t ask me for a
dance later’
I said grinning
Eddie laughed
nervously and then
‘I don’t dance’
‘Well, fuck-you’
I said
and waited for his move;
he stepped over to the
wash basins and
washed his hands and
said looking at me
‘Maybe later’
I said.


John D Robinson is a UK poet; his work appears widely in the small press and online literary journals; he has published 2 chapbooks When You Hear The Bell There’s Nowhere To Hide and Cowboy Hats & Railways.

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