Natalie Scott



D H Lawrence Painted My Bathroom*

I kid you not. He did it for ‘fun’.
Swapped word for image
and went to town
on my blurry window panes:

transcendental doodlings
in primary colours, mostly
with a bit of teal for good measure.
And white. Recondite white.

Diced panels of booming symbols:
a conceptual chicken, an abstract cat,
a cactus (or phallus?) buzzes with zigzag spikes
the ideal of what’s on the other side.

Every day I bathe in stars and stripes
and who else has a totem pole (or phallus?)
at the foot of their tub?
This room is the vista of his years…

…the snap in his dragon
tingling with his mastery, sated by colour.
Ah … yes, D H Lawrence painted my bathroom.
Not many people can say that.
*D H Lawrence stayed at Mabel Dodge Luhan’s house in 1925





Natalie Scott is published by Indigo Dreams, Mudfog and Bradshaw Books. She enjoys telling stories from unusual or marginalised perspectives. Her latest project Rare Birds – Voices of Holloway Prison was awarded a Grant for the Arts to research and write a collection of dramatic monologues. Links:

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