Samantha Pearse




The Piano

One time you bought a baby grand,
perhaps imagining someone in the family
developing culture,
as a petri dish
grows mould.

I wandered into the formal room,
back of the house, for Christmas and best.

Sat at the beautiful piano.
Couldn’t have told you if it was in tune
but sat and explored it’s keys.

You come in,
say merely
“move your fingers”.

Slam the cover down.
A shocking noise after the gentle notes,
heard as a plink plonk of focus not on you.

Pulling me back to your friends,
you berate me
for a milksop weakling
who will amount to nothing,
is nothing
will always be

I hang my head,
no place to hide,
except behind my hair.





Samantha Pearse has performed poetry widely including the Cheltenham and Ledbury Poetry Festivals & Cheltenham Literature Festival.  She is EDF’s Women’s Network Poet in Residence. She is a keen collaborator with visual artists and lately composers (through Out of Place 2017).

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