Kathy Gee


 Sunset without sight

My senses change as the planet turns
away from light. I close my eyes.

The space between my ears goes numb.

My wrist bones disengage, reach out
to fingers fanned like a sea bird’s wing.

A rhythm dances in my forehead.

Every breath lifts fox-fur ribs to sternum,
shoulders stretch through glass.

I’m inches taller, further from the earth.

Released from mind, my body is not mine.
I’m a gamelan for the setting sun.



Kathy Gee’s first collection – Book of Bones – was published by V. Press in 2016. http://vpresspoetry.blogspot.co.uk/p/book-of-bones.html. In the same year, she also wrote prose poems for the contemporary choral piece – http://suiteforthefallensoldier.com/ .

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