Linda Rose Parkes



The door sings its welcome

it’s the kind of door
that trickles honey in the light

and says come in
twice at least

leave your coat in the hall
the kettle’s singing

sit yourself down
here at the window

in the garden oak
a blackbird warbles

breezes play
among the cushions

next door is grey
and cracked at the hinges

too much slammed
yanked open

lost   or stolen   jobs
hopes  loves

but this door is a honeycomb
a promise

don’t keep walking by
scarred with disappointment

don’t slow your step
to rush silently on

only knock
and step in out of the ruins

only knock and the door
will swing gently wide.




Linda Rose Parkes was born in the Channel Islands and published her third collection Familiars, with Hearing Eye in 2015. She is co-editor of Wavelengths, an anthology of Channel Island Poetry, and is a painter and lyricist.

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