Eadbhard Schmidt-Zorner





Before my eyes the work of the farmers who have taken much hardship on themselves for each individual grain.

When the crops and the grass stand in full splendour on the fields, autumn is close at hand, fast approaching and leading a straight line to Samhain.

Lughnasa with warm weather is quickly gone and the September and October, the months of harvest open the door to the Otherworld.

The full harvest moon, nearest the autumnal equinox in September, is bright as a polished disc on the black sky.

I breathe in the cold, crisp air. Mist swirls above the ground creating a grey velvet like carpet. A perfect night in autumn, full of the magic and mystery that fills the air of this town land.

Only the cry of a late bird is heard and the bark of a fox.

a signpost was us
a man with a pitchfork on his back
in an autumn field




Eadbhard Schmidt-Zorner was a Sales Manager and is now artist and writer and multilingual translator of literature. Member of 5 writer groups in Ireland, he has lived in County Kerry, Ireland for  25 years and is an Irish citizen.

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