Jeffrey McDonald has some instructions for the uninspired

Instructions for the Uninspired

Been around long enough?
Tried and failed?
Moved, changed, married, divorced, a make up, a break up?
Screamed into a pillow!
You can write something with a
unique voice.
Something that no one else in the world
could write.
No one, but you.
Just keep it personal.
If it doesn’t have
your voice
in there
then anyone could have written it.
What does a person who has:
Lived in Grand Junction,
owned a yellow car named Butterbox
got punched in front of everyone in fourth grade
and rode every roller coaster in Ohio,
think about wild lilies?
If that’s you
go write about lilies.
A schizophrenic
yarn collector
that’s artificially inseminated an emu,
saw the Spice Girl’s movie in the theatre
and has a mom and four sisters named Olivia
See the arc in the air after the squirrel’s jump from oak to feeder?
Your life has made you unique.
Eliminate random variables.
Until you’re alone in the world.
Find that voice.
And write from there.

* Jeffrey McDonald writes poetry and short stories from his home in Brooklyn, New York.  His work has been featured in Haggard & Halloo, The New Verse News, and The Mine Falls Press 2010 Anthology Best Stories From the Shelf.

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