Steve Mearns




Visit to the Doctors on 24th April 2015
How do you feel? (Sic)

I feel like when the sea’s peeled back
And the silver sands flayed
By the all day all night wind
Whipping off the Weddell Sea

I feel lost, scrambling on sharp limpets,
Slates, razors to the laughs of gasping fish

I feel cold beyond explanation
Naked beyond dignity- bitten
In The salt winds teeth
The unhealing wounds weeping
Red tears
Matching those inside

I feel my breath ache

My brain shrinking

I feel tiredness opening fissures in my bone

I feel nothing good exists
Beyond this moment
This is how i feel




Steve Mearns is 54 years old and has been writing for 6 years. He has had poetry published in Down in the Dirt, Stepping Stones and Mudfish magazines (USA) and the UK Webzine Ink Sweat & Tears. He has performed live at the 2015 Wenlock Poetry Festival and Eat Up in Shrewsbury. His work has also been performed live at the Poetry Cafe in Chicago. He has recently written his first Novella, The Falsity. He lives with his partner between Shrewsbury & Cartagena, Spain.

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