Klara Feenstra




I have a friend who’s dying and it’s all he ever talks about

and stepping out into the ant colony trying not to be an ant rubbing the insides and resting gravity on the palm to keep balance then down the steps married to that feeling of feeling

and the stepping and the vibrating that follows the stepping that keeps the palm moist with the gravity and the gravity’s slight push onto the moment above the skin still soaking from the insides still meaty from the rubbing half healed half all in halves half left in half kissing you outside when you’re an ant and ant and andt and something else what is it?

and the feeling of feeling and remembering so very little and stepping out into the ants and the air is so ant and so small ant I want to touch it with euphoric hands busy palms stand still sweating and standing and sweating outside and my isn’t it all symbolic with only gravity doing the rubbing

and isn’t it nice that today I became an ant a long time ago actually – actually I don’t remember

and ant there is so small air what happens if you don’t use your brain properly ant

this is property properly ant and it feels it feels so ant ant it really does




Klara Feenstra is a poet from London with publications in Metatron, Lighthouse, shufPoetry, SoFloPoJo, and others. Her work is invested with phenomenological concerns, how time and memory is recalled, archived, how these urgencies manifest themselves in language about the body.

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