Gary Jude


The Apocalypse Wasn’t How I’d Imagined


Or at all like in the movies I’d seen.
Shopping malls weren’t swarmed by hordes.

Cities didn’t burn down on the horizon.
Only a few shots were ever fired.

The dead rose  like loaves of bread.
Although mostly mistrusted and silent

they were actually full of love.
I became especially close to great uncle Felix

(we’d often joke around with a ouija board)
and a hauntingly beautiful distant cousin called Louise

(which would prove awkward and confusing).
Everything seemed almost normal after a while.

Even the great strange sky
with all its signs and comings and goings.


Gary Jude is from London, but lives and works in Bern, Switzerland.  He has previously had poems published, including in Poetry Salzburg, Ink Sweat and Tears and Orbis.

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