Matt Duggan




When the world is a firefly
only lighting the way with a fat glowing head
for that inch at the top of its tip,
it keeps the darkness for those
wasted days in queues for postage and coffee cups
filled up with bubbling syrups.

We’d never get to fly in the light
banished in grey shades
we had no view of the world;
Making judgements through second hand
overheard conversations these twisted impartial lies
filled our breakfast bowls with the illusion of liberty.

We were prisoners without a sentence
never climbing the eleventh tree for a better view
seeing it filled with light devoid of shadow
that has kept us sleeping for all this time;
When the world is a firefly
only lighting the way for the plutocratic few.




Matt Duggan is the winner of the Erbacce Prize for Poetry 2015  Poems have appeared in The Journal, Graffiti, The Dawntreader, The Seventh Quarry, Prole, I,S,& T, Lunar Poetry Magazine, Tipton Poetry Journal, Apogee Magazine, The Jawline Review, Harbinger Asylum. His first full collection Dystopia 38.10 (Erbacce-Press) is now available.

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