Christine Sanders



Where I’m led

My feet have a terrible habit
of following where my eyes lead
whether I want them to,
or not.

And my eyes, they don’t care
for Health and Safety
in any way whatever.

So I find myself too high
up too steep a hill, grabbing twigs    
which aren’t roots,
after all.

The steel glitter of a river,
and I’m on a leaf filled path which comes
and goes, hanging on
to wire sprigs.

Or the green crest of a hill
with its thin helter-skelter path
nibbled short and freshly

And when I’m in such places
way too high, on paths way too narrow,
with the river, rocks, sea singing low,
I think – hold on.




Christine Sanders moved from her home of Pembrokeshire to West Yorkshire 3 years ago and has now completed her M.A. in Creative Writing (Poetry) at Manchester Writing School. She is currently a teacher of English but is about to give it all up, move back to Pembrokeshire and spend her time wandering in the wilds and writing.



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