Two haibun for Christmas

Well I don't expect anyone else to be working today, so here are a couple of haibun for the Christmas holiday season that I finished recently…

by Charles Christian

Shimmering in gold, two little angels – halos askew – frolic on a petrol station forecourt. It must be school nativity play time again. That, or the start of the Second Coming.

          deer moving cautiously in my garden –
          their bones remember the wolves

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Caught in the car headlights, an old man and his chubby dog out walking on a snowy Boxing Day afternoon. Over his shoulder, the old man carries a log. For the rest of the drive home, I keep a look out for King Wenceslas and his page.

          raucous cries in a twilit sky –
          rooks heading home to roost

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