Kayode Isaac's got a life

My Life’s Back

I was doing this before, steadily –
And for my age and range, doing it well
Cuddling you, molding you, making-up and dressing your contents
I was using you, not only as the butter for my bread
But also as the point of my strength – the only meal that truly revives me
Eating you with all my strength to gain more.

No fame, fortune or flaunt
I wasn’t looking for them anyway, their fourth friend is failure
Within me though, I was getting what you give and give abundantly;
You were giving me life
Until I chose the path of lifelessness – not death
For they are three: life, lifelessness and death!

Now that I’ve squandered my lifelessness and hate death,
I need my life back – the pen and paper; the creativity; the tranquility
My bread, on which I coat you, my butter
My palm oil with which I eat the yam of life
I need you in my life, dear life
Death I hate and lifelessness I have exhausted!

* Kayode Isaac is a reporter for a society magazine in Lagos, Nigeria.

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