Jon Tait's been called to prayers

Call to prayers

There’s no chance of me getting off the ship in Tunis as I look at the endless green embarkation cards in Arabic & as I gaze from the rails spot not only industrial metal towers and buildings and old tugs puffing black smoke but a serious looking cop with a smart grey uniform and a machine gun across his chest although behind him up on a yellow hill in the distance I can see the ancient city of Carthage & I’m wondering about the mysteries there & the exciting busy bustle of the souks with fantastically coloured carpets & the throng of chatter rising in strange tongues I’d had the excitement all morning looking at the black African coastline in the muggy brown darkness before dawn with the lights from strange towns twinkling like distant stars from the round porthole & I can almost taste the spices in the food from a dark street vendor as I stride along in a cream suit and panama hat like a secret service agent on my way to meet a contact just got to get past that cop cross the large car park & there are the white domed buildings blinding in the sun with a heat so oppressive it hangs heavy in your lungs while in the distance a megaphone calls people to prayers.

* Jon Tait is a former sportswriter and was the press officer at now defunct Gretna FC in the Scottish League.

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