Patricia Mullin is looking at a pile of kitchen utensils

Today (Tuesday 27 January) is National Holocaust Memorial Day. This poem was written in response to a pile of kitchen utensils on display as part of The Holocaust Exhibition at The Imperial War Museum in London.

The Whisk, the Spoon and the Grater.

The handing down of recipes grandmother, mother, daughter.
How much grated lemon rind? ‘Is this a pinch mama?’
Almonds blanched or toasted?

The blending of butter, the tender folding of egg white.
Simple acts of love.

In a small brown case, Ira placed the whisk the spoon and the grater
she would never use.

The whisk, the spoon and the grater, were added to the pile.
Simple acts of hate.

Patricia Mullin trained at Colchester School of Art, Central School of
Art & Design (now Central-St Martins) and Goldsmiths. Her first novel Gene Genie
was published in 2005 and in 2007 she graduated from the Writing the
Visual MA at from Norwich School of Art. Patricia is completing her
second novel Casting Shadows, writing short fiction and teaching creative writing at Norwich Cathedral.

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  1. very thought provoking

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