Casey Quinn wants to be like John Wayne

i want to be just like john wayne


drink my whiskey
while laying down
the law.
a real, gritty, down to earth,
no bull, straight shooting,
type of man.
lead with actions,
not words.
stand up for
what is right.
take the moral
high road.
a man respected
and beloved,
by all.
i want to be
john wayne.
right after
i finish
my mocha latte,
i'm going to my salon
and get my hair styled,
get new denim clothes,
a big hat,
and cowboy boots.
i'm going to be
just like

Casey Quinn is a writer of prose and poetry. He is also editor of the online magazine Short Story Library as well as the managing editor of ReadMe Publishing

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  1. Fabulous – this is totally and utterly perfect! More please.

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