Louise Wilford





The ache’s an old friend,

hacking out a week

from every month.


Sneering cramp

clings from neck

to knee; madness


stalks the grey

week’s waiting,

masks the world


like a lead apron.

Feelings stray

to incongruous places,


crumbling thoughts

sliding off in a

red stream.


This is our time

to surge – snagged

by this scarlet pause.


And now the monthly

crosses wobble closer,

further – soon


the gaps between

will stretch to

fill the years.


So bring it on,

you think. Can’t wait.

But still you hear


the cold dark radiator

groan as life




Yorkshirewoman Louise Wilford  is an English teacher and examiner.  She has had around 50 poems and short stories published in magazines including Popshots, Pushing Out The Boat and Agenda, and has won or been shortlisted for several competitions.  She is currently writing a children’s fantasy novel.

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