Rachel Fox knows an inspirational poet


Well now, hello there, weary traveller
Come stop and sit a while
Come rest by me
I have so much – so much to share with you
I've caught the sunsets
I've snapped the sea

I have great wisdom and all the precious words
I come to soothe you
So honestly
I have my own range of gifts to heal your life
My website's built on

I feel your spirit's pain, your special sadness
I have a calendar
Called Harmony
And then my t-shirts, they are so wonderful
Their cloth is soaked in

I do have books too, they are impressive
As filled with light and worth
As books can be
I hope they teach you that we're all sacred
That we must learn more

I know inspiring is all my business here
I sit with angels
They sit with me
And they are modelling my sunset baseball caps
So very fetching
Look up and see

Then raise a cup of love, let's drink together
Just take a raindrop mug
Down from its tree
Take all the time you need, browse through my catalogue
Buy two moon mousepads
Get one for free

* Rachel Fox lives in Montrose in Scotland. She has a book called More about the song (reviewed on IS&T on Sunday 6th July 2008), a busy blog at – http://crowd-pleasers.blogspot.com/ – and a website of the same name – www.crowd-pleasers.net


  1. Nice. This reminds me of one of those knickknack shops where the salesman tries to sell you anything he finds you looking at for more than five seconds.

  2. And I can just see you in a sunset baseball cap, Jim!

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