Karen Hodgson Pryce






Eyelids still sewn, wild kitten rabbit

dip-hopped across our path:

where mum, what eat, who there.


In the field, crow blew at a hankied beak,

crossed its legs, cawed bone

pretended to read the Gazette.


We pondered rabbit’s fate,

my reaching hands were stayed.

It’s true. Not everything is saved

by taking it home.




Karen Hodgson Pryce lives in the Cairngorms area of Scotland. Her poetry has been published in Landfall, an Anthology by New Voices Press, Butcher’s Dog, The Learned Pig, The Poets’ Republic, Mslexia, Open Mouse and Ink, Sweat & Tears. Her short story was Commended in the Neil Gunn Writing Competition 2017.

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