Stuart Buck




On the Surface of the Moon


my friend tells me he cannot see the lights on the surface of the moon

because there is a patch of the bad thing in his heart

so I tell him to look now

at the sinking birds kissing the taller plants around us

he can still cry in his car at night, alone

now that the radio is playing cadenza

the birds and the notes falling as one

and time is a loop not a line

so now he is the lights on the surface of the moon

i am a teardrop, alone

the radio kisses the tall plants

my heart is a bird




Stuart Buck is a poet living in Wrexham. He has been writing for five years, during which time he has been published widely both online and in print. His debut Casually Discussing the Infinite received positive reviews and will be followed up by a shorter collection this year. He can be found @stuartmbuck and his book can be purchased here –

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