Stuart Henson




Ten Ways Of Looking At Turbines



White spoors:

the hillside’s bacilli.


Absorbed into mist

their cloak of invisibility.


Or far out, flittered like butterflies

on a cabbage-blue sea.


Rotating bow ties.

Surrealist comedy.


Narcissi, in love with themselves—

or tall, pale lilies.


Recessive, like cruciform stones

in a cemetery.


In high relief on a blue-glazed round:

new objects of piety.


Of three minds: their three blades

brandished unceasingly.


All day they scratch

at the low clouds’ bellies.


Sky wide.  Wind free.

Money for somebody.



Stuart Henson’s most recent collection is The Odin Stone (Shoestring Press).  Feast of Fools, a book of poems and scraperboard drawings in collaboration with artist Bill Sanderson, was published in 2015. This is his website:

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