Hélène Demetriades




This vast heart of space

Life condensed
In a speck of bumble bee
is vast;
she bats herself
against a pane of glass.
I catch this fireball in a drinking cup
and like a bomber jet
she plunges into endless blue.
My breath is caught
at this tracing truth
so gracefully deployed,
that we are always free
without the intermediary
of thought,
no pane of glass to bang
our brains against,
only this vast heart
of open space




Hélène Demetriades  studied English at Leeds University, went to drama school and worked as an actor.  Later she trained as a transpersonal psychotherapist.  Recently she started to write poetry.  She has had poems published in Reach Poetry and Sarasvati magazines, (Indigo Dreams Publishing), and in the blog Clear Poetry, (edited by the poet Ben Banyard).  She lives in South Devon with her family.



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