Mike Estabrook's caught between heaven and earth

Heaven and Earth

It has been a long, hot, humid summer and my wife and I are exhausted and a little bored so we stop by the video store, take out Oliver Stone’s Heaven and Earth – Vietnam through the life of a young Vietnamese woman. We watch it and get reminded how completely horrible life is, how life isn’t worth anything, not one damn thing, because people are terrible and disgusting and blood-thirsty and mindless sexual monsters with all their raping and killing and ravaging and torture and snakes and knives and guns, mudpits and flesh-eating ants, bombs and grenades and agent ordergenericpropeciaonline.com/ orange. Three long hours of pure human violence, hate and death, the Devil himself in complete control of humanity and the planet. The movie finishes and we turn it off and the house is really quiet and suddenly for no apparent reason we start right in yelling like crazy at one another. And though I hated this film’s despicable lopsided portrayal of the human race maybe it taught me something – the only way to stop the violence is to stop the violence.

* Mike Estabrook lives in New England and is a regular IS&T contributor.

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