Time for another of our short cuts

Time for another of our short cuts collections, of short poems by 3 different authors…


he waits

for the dice to tumble,
for the scales to fall

like rain
on an autumn night

He’s been a long time

being someone else.

* Anne Brooke wonders if the moon is spying on her and what it might think. During daylight hours she can be found at www.annebrooke.com

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Rust on a Sledge

Rust on a Sledge
Is like Neville at a Party.
They are both inevitable if
The Sledge has been used
Or if Neville's wife is throwing the party.

* Ben Macnair is a writer and journalist who lives in Staffordshire. His poetry has appeared in Purple Patch, Raw Edge and other small print publications, and was featured in the National Poetry Anthology for 2006 and 2008.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

See you later bro…
to my good friend Shooey RIP

brother of mine
goes on burning
behind the curtains
a trail of smoke
for the moon
leaving stories
of how hard you tried

Bobby Parker lives in Kidderminster (England) has poems published/accepted in/by Agenda, Obsessed With Pipework, Fire, Iota, Rain Dog, Cauldron, The Coffee House, Curlew, Krax, Weyfarers, Purple Patch and Urban District Writers.

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