Jack Kerouac reads some haiku

Here's a treat from the archives, a recording of Jack Kerouac reading some of his haiku with a background accompaniment of jazz riffs. It all sounds a little corny now but back then (the recording must be late 1950s) this was the epitome of being part of the cool Beat Generation scene. It's also an early example of what we'd now call performance poetry – and it's a valiant attempt to add a little extra to a reading of haiku, which otherwise tend to end way before an audience has got into them.

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  1. Anonymous

    Strange cincidence here , if my memory is not playing tricks:
    the fly in the medicine cabinet – and – what day is it? – which are the first two on this film clip are the same two (of 3) that I featured on my blog a couple a weeks ago as examples of Kerouac's haikus. And there are hundreds to choose from in
    Book of Haikus
    Jack Kerouac
    ISBN 0-14-2002644-X
    Editor Regina Weinrech
    Penguin Books pub. 2003

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