Two prose poems by Katrina Naomi

For A

A wasn’t one of the first, just one of the first to speak. A couldn’t say all of the words. I wasn’t a judge, A wouldn’t have one of those, but I believed the parts of A’s story she would allow. Permission is uppermost. Her country is R, this doesn’t really matter. What matters is that it happened to her. A told me. I wrote it down. A’s eyes were wet, A kept telling what she could. One of the soldiers used his rifle. This is happening, still.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Elephant Facts

An elephant’s trunk has the greatest sensitivity, the greatest flexibility. I have seen an elephant pick up threads of silk with its trunk, swoon with the scent. Threads from a young girl’s sari, scarlet they were, like her welts after the last beating from her father. Her father was well known, the chief of mahouts.

Three weeks later, that same elephant threw the chief of mahouts, calmly trod on each of his fingers. Scarlet.

* Katrina Naomi's pamphlet Lunch at the Elephant & Castle (2008) is available from Templar Poetry – – and she is working on a first full length collection due to be published by Templar Poetry in October.

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