Rachel Burns





I am distracted by the bang, bang, bang
shotguns ringing out across the fields.
November and the grouse hunt is in full swing,
Boris and Bean, both fat both mean
with their combat trousers and hardened stare
beating the grouse out of woods and fields.
I avoid the area this time of year, sticking to the public
paths, the railway lines, curbing my need to trespass.
I once asked the men, what they intended to shoot?
‘Nothing good,’ came the reply.
My computer makes white noise
a steady hum and cackle. I think of false information
travelling at speed down coloured ribbons of centrifugal wires.
And who do we believe? The vampire war mongers
craving bloodshed? Or the mothers
screaming for their dead?





Rachel Burns is a poet and playwright living in Durham City, England. She is currently an Arvon/Jerwood mentee in playwriting. Poems published in UK literary magazines. Shortlisted in competitions Mslexia, Writers’ & Artists Yearbook and The Keats- Shelley Poetry Prize 2017. Twitter: @RachelLBurnsme  https://rachelburnssite.wordpress.com/


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