Simon Collings



Azucar Negra

The harbour too was beyond recall. It was evening, the tide a long way out, and the air redolent of citrus and crushed cane. Expressed as an equation it might have been a new opening. In the car park life-size models of angels with brass trumpets hung suspended on wires, their wings glowing in the fading light. I chose to leave the others and go down there. The people on the quayside were strangers, and I spoke with each of them in turn. The words ordering propecia ‘braced’ and ‘translucent’ may have been used though it isn’t certain. From a boat out at sea we could hear the sound of a woman singing, the import lost in the wind.



Simon Collings has published poems, stories, critical reviews and essays in a range of publications including Ink, Sweat and Tears, Stride, Tears in the Fence, Lighthouse, Brittle Star and PN Review. His two poetry chapbooks are – Out West (Albion Beatnik Press, 2017) and Stella Unframed (Red Ceilings, 2018).

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