Hannah Welfare




Alter Ego

A cardboard coffin
Small as a shoebox
And filled with stones

And tiny bones

I take it to the

No good
Shall come of this

This morning
I painted my face away

And cut off my hair
I left my long red locks
For the birds
To line their nests

Where go you?
Asks the rook
That grants me
His narrative gaze

Little girl
In your
Cloak of cobwebs
Where do you go?

Lend me your
And I will
Give you wings
The colour of silence

Carry your coffin
Of bones and rocks
On the spread of your span

Use your talons
To scratch earth
And dig

The tilled
With anemone
And wild garlic

Fly home to me
And I will return you
To a form so

That nothing
But the voice in your

Will ever
Break bones again




Hannah Welfare has been published in First Time, Brittle Star, The Linnet’s Wings, Fat Damsel, Miracle Magazine, Obsessed With Pipework and other magazines.  She has had two collections of poetry (“Garden Of Ghosts” and “Insect Nights”) published by KT Publications.

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