Peter Weber is in an extreme place

Extreme Places

Sometimes when I'm stuck, I will crave a change in the weather, the more dramatic the better. High winds, torrential downpours, floods, tornadoes … wait, take that back, no tornadoes or flood. More Sunshine, heat wave, humidity and so on. Or a change of scenery, either via the natural progression of seasons or physical transport elsewhere. Anything to help stave off autopilot and keep moving in some perceived direction.

The thing about other places, though, you have to change your mind to suit your new surroundings. In some sunlit desert landscape you move to avoid the heat of day, your activities are governed by how long you last between glasses of water, and where do you find those glasses?

In some cold, wet northern coastal terrain the air begins to erode you down. The moisture from the sky, more often than not, it seems. You see trees bent over from forces of wind or driven rain. Not a great time to take a walk in the park. Though, out of the black and blue there comes a crazed Wind Surfer to show us how to ride the weather, no sweat. Its too cold to sweat. Who's complaining?

* “My name is Peter Weber. Biographical note: E flat. Half baked, fully fledged, out of the frying pan but still a bit raw.”

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