Jim Murdoch's gasping for air

Breathing means nothing.
Breathing means everything.
Each of these statements is true.
Both are always true.
Not breathing means something
but it can mean something else.
Both of these statements may be true
but not at the same time.
Breathe. (    ) Eventually
it will all become clear.
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I hurt
in orange, yellow
purple and red
like a rainbow
and love
is the brightest white
I've ever seen.

* Jim Murdoch can be found at his blog The Truth About Lies. Actually that’s a lie. He’s sitting in his flat in Glasgow right now. Or maybe not.


  1. Anonymous

    Ooh now, that second poem is stunningly good! Though I did enjoy both. Love that second one though.

  2. Anonymous

    Liking that use of the rainbow!

  3. Anonymous

    Anne, I'm delighted you enjoyed the poem. I wish I could tell you a wee bit about where the idea originated but I really can't remember. I would have made a comment sooner but I've been laid up with a bad back and going through a whole spectrum of pain I can tell you.

  4. Anonymous

    Yes, not like me to use such a broad palette but there you go.

  5. Anonymous

    I'll have to admit (not knowing the word synaesthesia before) that when I read Synaesthesia before reading your commentary on it, I thougt. Eh, it seems clever but it doesn't work for me.
    But after reading about Synaesthesia (I just like typing it:)), it's actualy…quiet a clever poem. 🙂 But it _does_ work for me. “acupuncture/feels/like a rainbow” is perfect, almost piquant.

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