Jac's on the road again

Road trip through Utah
Snow sketches the mountains, shading the Wasatch into monochrome, grey clouds crest the summits.  Driving through valleys stretched between ranges, earth turns from dun to red tufted with yellow.  A falcon soars.  Rivers of cars, trucks with gleaming chrome funnels, stream through the wide and barren land.
                                Service station shop –
                                elk heads above the freezer
                                stare at candy bars
Red rocks guard river-carved canyons.  Trees reach up, dotted with pale green leaves.  Looking through the waterfall to blue washed sky, a rainbow wafts through spray, into the orange water of the Emerald pool.
                                A white cat crosses
                                the tarmac in Hurricane
                                its blue shadow long
* Jac Cattaneo lives in Brighton and writes at the Fiction Workhouse.  An artist by training, she is interested in the crossover between the visual and the verbal.  She has read at Short Fuse, Sparks and Tales of the Decongested and was shortlisted for the Asham award this year.  She is currently working on a novel.

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  1. Anonymous

    So this is a Haibun.
    Interesting effect. Like the pictures in these words. And I love those elk heads staring at candy bars.
    Well done, Jac.

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