Helen Pletts is riding the Prague Metro

Prague Metro

The single glove
resting above
the button-click-press
ticket machine,
where the coins
are rust-rubbed, roughly,
beside the slot
to make them easier to digest
before the ticker-tick paper regurgitation.
Heel-click-turns behind me, crowd proceed
to the snake-mouth-slit-click ticket stamp,
to be side-stepped, swiftly to the stairs,
with the force-flow of frost tunnelled air
push-pressed ahead.
The suck-seal break of rubber
slides back,
before the off-tune duo
tirelessly trill.

Helen Pletts is a regular IS&T contributor. She was born in the UK
but now lives in Prague in the Czech Republic, where she teaches
creative writing. Her latest collection can be bought via the IS&T chapbook shop. You are welcome to visit www.stem-of-quietly-disarrayed-fertility.com

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  1. Anonymous

    This poem is very good and interesting…knowing Prague well… and Helen is a great person. Gundi

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