Samuel Wilson-Fletcher




from Wave Diary


I would have swallows nesting in my church
and moss on the pews.
I would have the tide wash in
twice a day, to decorate the church
with sacred cuttlefish bones and rosaries of shells.
I would have the walls barnacled up to the knee,
and garlanding the altar, I would have weed.
I would have no door, so wind-blown seeds could lodge
and sprout around the rippled windows:
I would have wildflowers and blackberries and gorse.
My church would be quiet
like a meadow or a hedgerow or a cove.
I would seldom hold services.
In my church, I would have chattering swallows nesting in the rafters
and frogs in the font.




Samuel Wilson-Fletcher was born in London and now lives in Berlin. Sam has an undergraduate degree in chemistry and a master’s in physics. He is currently working towards a PhD in geology. He has also worked as a waiter, web designer, electrician and teacher.

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