Grant Tarbard



Beguiling with a Gallows Jig
Grainstacks at the End of Summer, Morning Effect by Claude Monet

At that wink the world stopped with dizzy games,
stillness in this grain-stack ingests cities
beguiling with the iron scent of rain,
dancing a gallows jig on the nostrils.
This stack is guarded by men pretending
to be beggars- we hear tales of grist’s gold,
treasures hidden in shrines beneath the loam;
that plotting box of dirt braids adventures
of secret agents disguised as vicars
misleading the pious, others posing
as fortune tellers to keep us enthralled
and static. We lurk in the crow feather
shade, immobile, fearing landscape artists
in the trees while we gather the harvest.





Grant Tarbard is an editorial assistant for Three Drops From A Cauldron and a reviewer. His new collection Rosary of Ghosts (Indigo Dreams) is out now.

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