Zoe Broome




Don’t Blame Eve
I know that a storm is due.

Dance with me on a tin-roof
while you wait for him
to grab you, snatch you, toss you
like so much skip-rag.

you won’t wait
(although you’re sure
you could take him
if you wanted).

Anywhere the Fee-Fie-Foe comes, you are else-
where, crouched under branches at the gard-edge, crunching cores
‘til they lodge, thick as pistols, in your throat.

Don’t blame me.

Somoene must stay,
await the Black Beard Brute
whose horns scalp skin at angles.

Flirt with him in our garden
where scorched puddles splash patio slabs.

Deliver us to Evil.





Zoe Broome published her first collection Back To Yesterday in May 2016 and it’s available from Amazon. She finished Milwordy in May 2018 and is writing at a slower pace these days.

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