Claire Trevien is listening to Charles Ives

Listening to Charles Ives

The street vainly imitates a theatre,
dropped pennies and reflectors footlight my walk
the rumble of a crowd gathers and storms.

Beats rain down and hide in the gutter,
rivulets form around the clutter
of the pavement’s percussion orchestra.


Sticky leather sky.

The air vibrates still
through drum-buildings.

I think of us listening to Charles Ives.
You heard cacophony, I heard the silence
after the tempest, when the bells

had ceased, but their ripples
reached to our seats like
the promise of a tomorrow.

* Claire Trevien is a 25 year old PhD student. Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in a variety of magazines including Poetry Salzburg Review, The Warwick Review, Nth Position and Fuselit. She is the editor of Sabotage (

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  1. Oh! delight! loved 'sticky leather sky'

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