Stephen Williams remembers two hot summer nights


On my rooftop
city stretching beyond.
Sound of shadows
in late night.
You're pressing into me
tease and tug.
Posing your breasts,
flinging out your arms.

Gravel on your bare back.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


We sit with our sticks
stirring the lake,
tired of being

Telling old stories
of when the sky was blue,
the water drinkable,
women skinny-dipping
within our serenity.

Now we wait
for the last bite on the line
pulling us under…

Other men taking our places,
not noticing
the bubbling water.

* Stephen Jarrell Williams loves to write, listen to his music, and dance late into the night. Based in California, his poetry had appeared in many publications – Night Fringe has previously appeared in Sage Trail Poetry Magazine and Drunk and Lonely Men.)

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  1. Anonymous

    I loved night fringe – strong imagery.

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