Wullie Purcell says he loves you

So say I love you – Anon

To say I love you
To say I care
To give a gift to show affection
So foolish.
So unrequited
So Anonymous
So Unknown
Be upfront
Shout it loud
Be bold
Be known.
But it’s not that easy
All the time
Sometimes it can’t be said
And must remain a secret
So it’s good that way
To have a day
When you can say
I Love You

* Wullie Purcell… “Ex-fireman and IT guy is a writer of both prose and poetry and doesn’t tie himself to any one discipline, writing anything that takes his fancy. I am is also a director of Read Raw Ltd and we have a site through which we hope to promote creative writing in Scotland.” www.readrawltd.co.uk

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