Angus Sinclair's Memory Plates

Memory Plates

Memory plates glide over one another.
Like two facing windows, a hall of mirrors:

slow, shifting images          – your infant self
                                    sat in a cafeteria waiting
                                            for something
gently corroded
by changes in the light.    

As layers form, new maps are made;    an office block
becomes translucent,    weighs less
than a photograph of itself.

Fluorescent strips in a shopping centre    
  light up the derelict swimming pool
                   on the other side of the city.

You stand on the high-board: look down,
feet half-over the edge, watching the drift.

* Angus Sinclair won the 2010 Cafe Writers Norfolk Commission.  He is a photographer, professional wrestler, and studying for an MA in Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia.    Memory Plates
relates indirectly to his photographic work in the Locus exhibition at the Stew Gallery in Norwich.

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