Mo Blake's woken a witch

Awakening of an Urban Witch

Cast from Shadowland; yet clinging still
to trailing fingers of kindred wraiths
my harbinger spirit seeks respite
in Hades’ neon hallways
then flounders in its silent search
as useless sleep lets loose her grip
and that bastard nocturnal thrush
drags me from bed; winging me awake
its happy beak; singing as I dance
a Grimaldi pantomime; me
now a pyjama’d clown
of the darkest hour

Later through the misty steam of cocoa
A grimalkin cat thaws from my heart
blood dripping from her fangs
Screeching the nightingale to silence

Dawn breaks over a bloody cenotaph
Nae, a Babel tower of twigs

* Mo Blake says… “I am currently working on a novel and also write short stories and poetry.  I am one of the founding members of Read Raw Limited and a selection of my prose and poetry can be viewed at”

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