Sue Spiers



Coupling with Jane Austen

Even so. You would be surprised,
although perhaps you had surmised,

to hear how often I watched you,
sometimes I was positive you knew

how often I was on the point of falling
down on your bed and crawling

in with you. I have entered many a shop,
bought veils, even sun-glasses at the co-op,

to avoid your sight, as the carriage drove by.
I truly believed you were a good guy.

Lodging as I did in Bond Street,
two doors between faith and cheat,

there was hardly a day
I spied your wife. The way

in which I did not catch a glimpse
of her is mockery to me, makes chimps

of one or other of you; and nothing
can feel the shame to which I cling

but the most constant watchfulness
to curb my lust and contain distress

on my side, a most invariably prevailing,
aggravating situation: this trailing

desire to keep out of your sight
has vexed me and only her right

could have separated us so long.
Why is loving you so wrong?




Sue Spiers has a poem in Paper Swan’s Press The Pocket Poetry Book of Cricket and has six times been published on IS&T now. For other news Sue tweets @spiropoetry.


Note: Words taken from Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen P198 (Wordsworth Editions The Complete Novels of Jane Austen)

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