Dan A. Cardoza



A Wounded Hinge

If it were simply a hinge
a drop of oil would surely
loosen any bind.
Then an open
or two
more than likely would do.

These brass patched places
with worn pedicle screws
on a door are about
the getting through, and
much less the hanging on.

Of a crux that
that has been locked
for far too long,
or slammed too hard
a time or two
the letting in
will have to rely
on anneal of trust
& a well oiled
what next to do.


Dan A. Cardoza has a Master of Science Degree in Counseling. He is the author of two Chapbooks, Nature’s Front Door & Expectation of Stars. Partial credits include: Amethyst, UK., Ardent, Better Than Starbucks, California Quarterly, Chaleur Magazine, Curlew, UK., Entropy, Esthetic Apostle, Poetry Northwest, The Quail Bell, Skylight 47, Ireland, Unstamatic, and Vita Brevis.

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